Dear friends, and listeners,

The Buffalo was created in 2008 with the help of Radionomy, that allowed us, back then, to launch a radio station playing all the music we loved, without having a big budget.

As we were students at the time, the help from Radionomy was instrumental in the huge success of The Buffalo, and we surely couldn't have make it without them.


Radionomy has announced yesterday the closure of their activities on January 1st 2020, leaving us with no options to continue broadcasting the Buffalo for now.

I say for now, because we are currently exploring alternative options to continue bringing you "The Best Of Country & Rock" in a near future.

As some of you probably already noticed, the service offered by Radionomy was loosing a lot in quality since the beginning of 2019 (unavailability of the stream in the US, lot of blanks on the air, repetition of ad fillings), and we knew this was coming.

Thank you all for your incredible support all over these years, please stay tuned to our Facebook page and website as we will update you on the future of your favorite radio station.


It ain't over 'til it's over as we say !


Emmanuel HUE